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Style Infused with Love Style Infused with Love

Shop Your Closet: Learn styling tricks and tips from a pro to maximize what you’ve got.

Wardrobe Edit: Fare thee well and bid adieu to items that have completed their journey with you.

Personal Shopping: I’ll shop with or for you. Whatever you need, whenever you need it. I’m here for you.

Meditation Meditation

Life is fast, busy, and let’s face it, can get messy at times.You want to “live in the moment” but can’t because your mind is in hot pursuit of some other “now”. You vacation to unwind, only to come back edgy for the week ahead. You seek that perfect relationship, body, or status to make […]

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Thoughts from the Cushion

The Bombshell

The Bombshell For nearly a decade, I’ve worked as personal fashion stylist and image consultant. I’ve worked with countless men and women who would be considered bombshells. You can say I’ve made a business of beauty and business is good. What I’ve gleaned most important, however, aren’t the hair, makeup, and style tricks I’ve gained […]

The Dignity of Loneliness

In a flash of anger, someone recently said to me, “This is the reason you’re all alone”. Two seconds turned into a lifetime, the hollowness of it stopping me in my track, words halted so I could catch my breath. The room was spinning but the slow, naked feeling of shame left me frozen in […]

What I meditated on today….

Today I meditated on the value of keeping a secret. Maybe a better way to translate it: honoring confidence when given to you. Here’s why: it was given in good faith that you’d honor the info as private. It’s not your news to share or about which to speculate, ponder, worry, or extrapolate. Perhaps the […]

You Deserve It

This is an audio post. Please click below to enjoy this heartfelt message. Love, Fawn

The HIoT (Human Internet of Things)

Feel like a dinosaur because your mug isn’t app’d to fill itself with green tea via your smartphone? Or that you had to spend real, physical time at the doc’s office to diagnose an ear infection? Computing systems and technologies have empowered us in transformative ways. We’re able to do a whole lot more, with […]

Fall Into Stillness

We can’t seem to help it! We feel rushed, pressured, worried about so many things and how to perform “better” and this fuels us to go even faster. Sometimes witnessing the simplicity of Stillness helps soften the sharp edge of life’s pressure. Stop for a few moments. Close your eyes and fall into glorious stillness. […]

I Love to Love

At some point, many of us wonder; “What’s this life stuff about, anyway?” And sometimes, we just need to vault past the worry, self-importance, indecision, and comparing-mind to remember that Purpose – both yours and mine – in this lifetime, is to love. Love a little deeper, a little wider, and a little more unconditionally. […]

Trouble With Commitment?

Have a hard time making decisions? When doubt arises, do you stay stuck until you get lots of external validation that your decision is okay? Does this leave you interminably wishy-washy, either meh or unhappy about the decision you ultimately made? Wanna know what gives? Here it is: The ONLY one that ever truly knows […]

Love. You. First.

Like really get okay with you…with all those warts, wounds, and scars. Go from critic to champion. Bc only you can silence the voice that says you’re anything less than brilliant. There’s an unshakable confidence, grace, and lightness of being that comes from self acceptance. When you roll in this vibe, it’s magnetic…it allows your […]


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