About Fawn

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Summing it Up

I am a hospice volunteer, a long-time meditator, author, and an insatiably curious, lifelong learner. 

As such, I am learning how to get this website just right for you, among the myriad other projects I'm juggling. Bear with me as I run off to work on something else for the next couple of weeks. I promise to be back and tell you about myself (be prepared because I'll gently prod you to tell me more about you too). 

Thanks for being interested and come back soon or drop me a line. 


My Approach

I studied Biology and Philosophy in college and am a voracious reader of books on Cosmology, Quantum Physics, Tibetan Buddhism, Neuroscience, and End of Life. This makes me an ideal blend of Be Bold + Question Everything + Test Your Hypothesis Rigorously

Why Us

More to come.